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Larry Crabb

Friday, February 8, 2013

Just Life

Our Valentines Day Tree.  This year when I was taking down the decorations we decided to leave one tree up and decorate it for Valentines Day.  Since I am normally anal about decorations this is also my attempt and just letting go and allowing my children to be creative!

Jeral and the kids playing with play dough!  Try as I might to keep the colors separated I finally realized that keeping the colors all in order was not the idea behind playing!  So away Kenzie went having fun.

Kenzie's colorful snow ball or at least that is what she called it!

Getting ready to go visit Grandma J. for the afternoon and evening.  While we love visiting with Grandma I will admit that it is definitely different not having my sister and her kids there too!  We sure do miss them!

Love this boy and I love his smiles.

Jaris seriously has some amazing hair!

My handsome husband hard a work creating a mouse I believe it was!

Watching daddy blow bubbles!
Not much is going on these days.  Just life with 3 little ones! I love my family.  I figured it has been a while since I blogged so I thought I would share some pictures of my lovely family.  And with that I think I am going to go to bed seeing as the kids are all asleep (one of them happens to be asleep in our bed).

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